1 - Leaky Thoughts (the original)


Leaky Thoughts   

There’s a tiny, dark window near the top of my brain

That leaks my thoughts out every now and again.

I try to close it, but it won’t shut tight,

So sometimes my thoughts leak out into the night


I have to keep making new thoughts in my mind

So it keeps itself full with ideas of all kinds.

So I have lots of dreams when I lie down in bed

And they help to fill up all the space in my head.


I think my brain may have another small hole

Where some new thoughts sneak in, beyond my control.

I’m not sure where they come from – maybe some are yours.

Perhaps they creep in through my skin, through my pores.


But at least there is one thing I think that I know

And that’s where the thoughts that leak out of me go.

They flow down my arm and they enter my pen

So people can read them again and again.


Here comes one now – it’s just trickling down

To the paper and making the pen move around.

Here is the thought – it says ‘Whoopee! I’m free!

It was too dark and stuffy in that brain for me!’

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