3 - Joy Ride

Joy Ride


How much longer now, Mum?
Are we nearly there?

I’m bored. I’m tired. I’m hungry.

Can we stop somewhere?

Pull over, Mum, I’m busting.

I really need to go!

How much longer now, Dad?

We’re going really slow.


I want something to eat, Dad.

Can I have a drink?

Can I sit in the front seat?
What’s that awful stink?


Are we nearly there yet?
Dad, I’m feeling sick.

I’ll throw up on the baby

Unless we stop real quick.


How much further? What’s the time?

What’s that funny sound?
I want ice-cream. I spilt my drink.

Why are we turning round?


Why are we going home, Mum?
I don’t think it’s fair!

How much longer now, Dad?
Are we nearly there?

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