2 - Overload

I’m waiting here for Mike to come and play
He said he’d come round to my house today.
He’s bringing his game console
And his intercom as well
And he said he’d ride his BMX.
I said, ‘Make sure you tell
Your folks that you will be home late, OK?’

I rang him to remind him he should bring
His TV games, ‘And don’t forget that thing
With the wheels in your garage –
You know, the thing we made
When I was round at your place
The last time that we played?
Oh, and wear your secret super-hero ring.
And will you bring your pirate pop-up book
And your microscope so we can take a look
At bits and pieces in my room
And lots of things that are quite tiny
Like insects’ legs and wings
And, Mike, that just reminds me,
Will you bring back that science set you took?
Oh, and we might build a tree-house, so we’ll need
A saw and hammer and, Mike, we agreed,
That I’d provide the hammer
And that you’d provide the wood.
We’ll probably get hungry
So, Mike, it would be good
If you could bring some donuts for a feed.
We might go for a swim so bring your togs
And your fishing net so we can catch some frogs
And we might go to a park
So bring your frisbee and a ball
And your bat and tennis game
Then we can play with all
The neighbours’ kids, too, and their little dogs.’
I don’t know what is taking him so long.
On his BMX bike Mike is fast and strong.
Ah, here he comes at last
But he is looking queasy
Pushing his bike along
And his breathing sounds quite wheezy.
‘What’s the matter, Mike? Is something wrong?
‘By the way, that was your mother on the phone.
She hopes that you’ve had fun and please don’t moan,
But, she says, it’s dinner time
And she told me to tell you
That you’ve got visitors today
So your mother wants you to
Pack up your all your things and go straight home.’
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