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Leaky Thoughts


Point of Departure

Welcome to The Portal!

The place where you now stand

Or sit, or lie - whatever is the case -

Is the point from which to enter

The odd world of Derek Bland

And, I warn you, it can be a curious place.

The choice is yours at this point –

Click a page, or leave the site.

Are you prepared to see what lies beyond?

Are you ready for this journey?

Do you think that it's alright?

Are you certain that you really should read on?

But, I think your curiosity

Will urge you to know more,

To see what thoughts have trickled from my pen.

So now it’s time to turn the page

Like opening a door

Into my mind –

Run round then, quick! Run out again!


One thing that I should mention

Now you’re ready to begin

Is that some things you’ll find hard to believe.

But all I ask of you

Is to enjoy what lies within

And please

Close the door behind you when you leave.


About Derek Bland

Dr Derek Bland has been a lecturer in education, poet, writer and painter living in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife, Linda. After a career spanning a range of jobs from clover-harvesting to research and bus-driving to art teaching, Derek now happily settles behind his computer, where his peripatetic mind leaks its contents onto the keyboard for your bemusement and amusement.

This website contains samples of Derek's short stories and poems, from tales of the slightly odd to some of the quirky poems for children from his book 'The Leaky Thoughts of Derek Bland'. Some of these were written for his children who now read them to children of their own. The content of the site will change from time to time, so please re-visit soon for the latest releases.

Please enjoy the bits and pieces assembled here and if you can't wait for more, go to the contacts page.

All work contained in this website is copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author.

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